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Mia (fictitious), the head of information security at a hospital, and her team are in charge of the hospital HIS (Hospital Information System). Their goal is to improve security and efficiency by integrating and managing all of the hospital's management systems. The hospital uses various systems such as EMR (Electronic Medical Record), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System), OCS (Order Communication System), and CLMA (Closed Loop Medication Administraion). The multiple information systems required numerous authentications to be able to access patient information so the medical staff started demanding improvement to facilitate authentication.

Employees started complaining about the inconvenience of periodic password resets and certificate renewals but they also didn't want to have to log in to an additional integrated system. Mia found OCTATCO and our 1:N passwordless MFA solution which can manage at once all the login information of existing authentication systems used in the hospital. It provides various login options but also simplifies and secures the authentication process by using biometrics such as fingerprint recognition and asymmetric cryptographic algorithms. Even if passwords aren't used anymore, accurate user authentication is now ensured through fingerprint authentication.

Fast deployment
95% Password problem reduction
45,500 hours Saved invisible work time (5,000 users/year)
20% Enhanced productivity

EzAuth 1:N passwordless MFA solution was integrated into the hospital system and EzFinger desktop fingerprint security keys were given to employees. Thanks to the fast deployment of our solution, every system was well integrated within a few weeks and a security key was installed on every PC in the hospital. Replacing password authentication with our single-touch fingerprint security key resulted in reducing the hospital staff's concerns and stress about password management as well as reducing the wasted time spent during authentication. Mia reported that 45,500 hours of invisible work time were saved a year for the 5,000 employees, allowing them to focus on their core medical tasks. Productivity also increased by 20% thanks to the now unified authentication system allowing the management of all login information at once on a single platform. The hospital management was immediately satisfied after the introduction of OCTATCO's solution to their internal systems and decided to expand the integration beyond HIS, to the hospital MIS (Management Information System).

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