A thrilling task

Biometric technologies in spy and sci-fi movies have been leaving a profound impression on all the children of each generation around the world, even now. But, when they grow up, they get to know that everyday password authentication wasn't designed to be safe from the start. OCTATCO is passionate about creating a safer, more secure, and more convenient authentication solution that will bring greater value and happiness to a lot of people in today's world where physical and digital worlds coexist.

Strong Biometric Authentication Global Leader

Most common authentication methods, such as passwords and OTPs, use numbers, codes, letters, symbols, etc. to verify conformity and approve authentication. However, those methods are vulnerable to account takeovers. For example, if someone else, like a cybercriminal, finds out about the correct password or code, their authentication request gets approved, even if they are not the designated user. At OCTATCO, we always believed that authentication should use a combination of individual identification and strong encryption technology. We are trying to make this belief a reality with our powerful biometric authentication products and services and become a global leader in the market.

Integrated authentication solution and biometric security keys

OCTATCO’s EzFinger biometric security key series and the world’s first quantum security key, EzQuant, are designed to be compatible with various protocols, such as Windows Hello, fingerprint login platforms, and the next-generation standard authentication technologies FIDO U2F and FIDO2. With only one security key, users can authenticate secure sign-in into various websites/platforms/services from PC login to G-mail, OneDrive, Azure Cloud, Facebook, and YouTube, but also into on-premise authentication systems.

EzAuth is OCTATCO’s integrated authentication software solution and it allows users to use their preferred authentication from a wide range of methods such as mobile fingerprint/face recognition, PC-mounted fingerprint recognition but also USB fingerprint security keys. EzAuth protects the digital assets of businesses and prevents account takeovers. In addition, we provide API to help businesses easily integrate the service into their systems such as Groupware, CRM, ERP, MIS, and so on.

Our Story

One byte, the standard unit of information in the digital world, consists of eight (8) bits. So, we created OCTATCO by combining “octa”, which means eight (8) in Latin, and “co” from the word “cooperation”. Our company, OCTATCO, wants to encourage genuine cooperation in today's digital world composed of bytes. We will always strive to create an ecosystem in the digital world, where everyone feels safe and content.

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