Meet the next-generation biometric authentication that reduces costs, saves time, and makes security strong.

EzAuth lets you experience fast, and easy authentication on your smartphone/PC anytime, and anywhere.

Profit-generating authentication

Customer satisfaction means better business prospects and increased customer loyalty. If business ensures for anyone convenience and security, the chances of business success are much higher.

Strongest security authentication

It provides strong security by simultaneously checking FIDO-certified biometric recognition and devices based on Zero Trust. Biometric authentication, which is 10 times faster than passwords, is basic and pleases users.

Cost-effective authentication

By deploying EzAuth, IT management costs of multiple existing systems can be reduced up to 90%.
WebAuthn API easily integrates with existing systems and eliminates the need for complex development.
Solution installation is possible in a day or two.

Secure authentication is guaranteed even when working from home.

Secure authentication is essential when logging in through various locations and networks such as employees’ telecommuting, remote authentication with partners, partners, and customer end. By checking the user’s device and biometric data at the same time, account theft and data infringement can be prevented. Risk can be reduced, and convenience can be increased.

Diversifying authentication methods doesn’t mean inconvenience.

Different authentication methods eliminate the need for resetting passwords frequently. If smartphones are not available, other methods such as mobile OTP, security keys can be used for authentication. You can easily authenticate other systems with one touch authentication in real time or SSO integration. It eliminates the risks posed by sharing passwords. Real-time identity authentication provides an environment where employees can incorporate across the entire organization and authenticate safely and conveniently. Organizations can increase their competitiveness by further accelerating the digital transformation of the cloud and organization through secure passwordless authentication.

Get to know EzAuth easily!

Authentication methods supported by EzAuth


Face recognition

Security key

Mobile OTP


EzAuth App

Fast and secure authentication process flow

Admin Portal

Admin Portal is the main feature of EzAuth solution. Admin Portal provides a quick view of the status of unregistered /registered devices/servers through the integrated information page for the use and management of FIDO authentication.

Admin Portal can be configured to enable REST API linking to implement FIDO authentication on a customer's service sites.

Allows to check all registered/unregistered users by service and shortcut look-up

Real-time CPU/Memory monitoring of EzAuth server

Provides integrated information window to facilitate service-specific analysis

Integrated management and view of registered authentication methods such as smartphone biometric authentication, Mobile OTP, USB security keys (CTAP) and EzAuth App

Supports easy LDAP/DB/AD/Excel integration for fast uploading HR information

User Portal

The main task of User Portal is to ensure efficiency while increasing security at a workplace. User Portal allows users to register/revoke and manage their authenticators within the competence set by Administrators, in return minimizing administrator tasks.

Supports Home for viewing user-specific information to check registered authentication methods

Supports service-specific multiple authentication methods (Mobile biometrics/Mobile OTP/Fingerprint Security Key/SMS/KAKAO)

Supports Self-Service so that users can directly register/view/remove authentication methods when needed

Supports setup guide for convenient registration for first-time users

Supports one-time security link request for authentication when authenticator is not around

EzAuth Use Cases

EzAuth, as a scalable and composite authentication solution, is cost-effective since it aims to protect digital assets of an enterprise by ensuring strong security. EzAuth solution can be adjusted to accommodate an enterprise’s specific security needs/requests. It can also be applied to various use cases.

Solution Composition


FIDO is the global-standard authentication technology proposed at the online standard global alliance. FIDO is supported in different systems.
Log in/authenticate without passwords. (With a single fingerprint touch)
Get rid of passwords that are fundamentally vulnerable to phishing attacks.
Register/manage your own authentication methods.

Just touch, you are in !

Passwordless login anytime anywhere without risk of password spills/spoofing/phishing

Users possess and manage user credentials by themselves.