Biometric Security Authentication!

Meet OCTATCO’s powerful biometric authentication solution,
which never leaks personal information ensures strong protection
against phishing attacks boasts10 times faster authentication
speed than passwords provides the most value for your
security investment!



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EzFinger Security Keys

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EzQuant is the world’s first fingerprint security key,
which uses a quantum random number generator (QRNG)
chip that provides true randomness and eliminates
risk of predictability. In addition, EzQuant is a FIDO-certified
and Windows Hello compatible security key card
that can be integrated with various work system applications.


OCTATCO introduces EzQuant,
the world’s first
quantum fingerprint security key!



Meet next-generation biometric authentication to
save time & cost and make your security strong!


Easy and safe anywhere

With Octatco’s EzAuth solution, you can start work easily and safely from anywhere. Meet the next generation of biometric authentication that reduces costs, saves time, and makes security strong.

EzFinger Security Key Series

Make account takeover impossible with EzFinger security key!  

What Is Strong Biometric Authentication?

Strong biometric authentication is the modern authentication technology that ensures advanced protection of user and/or system data from potential cyber-attacks by combining biometric technology to precisely identify the subject of authentication and secure encryption technology.  

Traditional authentication methods such as Passwords and OTPs, approve authentication request with numbers, letters, and symbols, and have a structural problem as when the same number or letter is used by another individual, authentication request gets accepted 

Biometric authentication is the strongest authentication method that accurately identifies and authenticates a user using strong encryption technology and stores biometric and encryption key information used for authentication in a hardware security area that can never be accessed from outside.  

Benefits of Using Strong Biometric Authentication

Greatly reduces the risk of
loss caused by data breaches
Authentication which is 10 times faster than
password and 5 times faster than OTP
your business to acquire more users
Helps to improve your brand
and productivity
 at workplace
As a next-generation standard-based product,
increases reliability of your service’s
security authentication
Complies with the newly introduced
Privacy Protection Law Regulations.
Adds economic value several times
more than your investment.

Use Cases of Strong Biometric Authentication

Passwordless authentication with PC
or Mobile 
fingerprint/face recognition
Second-factor authentication with PC or
fingerprint/face recognition after typing in ID/PW
Multi-factor authentication with
user’s face or voice recognition after
ing with PC or Mobile
fingerprint/face recognition

Strong Biometric Authentication Devices

Built-in smartphone
rint/face/iris/voice recognition
Built-in PC
fingerprint/face recognition 
FIDO-certified USB type
fingerprint security keys
FIDO-certified Card type
fingerprint security keys

Service Applicable Fields

Enterprise-specific security authentication  
Finance and online transaction authentication  
Communication service authentication  
Government service and digital signature authentication
Healthcare and Insurance field users
and electronic reporting authentication 
Medical service/treatment authentication 
National Critical Infrastructure authentication
Security Administrator’s exceptional authentication 

Fast and Convenient Login

Login without a need to remember/reset your password
Smartphone and PC installable
USB fingerprint authentication 
convenient authentication anywhere and anytime
One authentication device is used for
authentication purposes starting from PC login

Strong Security Authentication

Quantum random generator (QRNG*)
 provides True Randomness and has
0 chance of 
QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generator) – This technology generates unpredictable quantum random numbers without a pattern by utilizing attributes (randomness) of photon, the smallest unit of physical quantity that can no longer be broken down. (Applied to only EzQuant)
Strong public key encryption technology 
User credentials/information
never leave
s device hardware
No serial single hacking damage
has been reported
 on online accounts

World’s Leading Companies Support FIDO

Next-generation security authentication technology, FIDO, is supported by all industry leaders such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Samsung, Bank of America, Visa, Qualcomm, etc. 

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