TitleHow to use Windows Hello with EzFinger2+ ? 2021-08-31 18:20:49

Hi there! If you succeeded in installing the driver for EzFinger2+, it is now easy to enroll your fingerprint and use Windows Hello so that you can log into your laptop without typing in a password

1. First, please, type and search for 'sign in options' in your Windows Searchbar and go to Sing-in Options menu. 


2. From Sing-in Options menu, click Windows Hello Fingerprint. 


3. Select Set up, Get Started and enter your laptop PIN or PASSWORD for verification. 


4. Sometimes you  need to disconnect and connect the security key for the sensor to read your fingerprints. Touch the fingerprint sensor firmly,  and follow the instructions. You can register multiple fingerprints. 


5. When it's done, the message window below will show up. Congratulations! You can now scan your fingerprint and log into your laptop without typing your password. 


Feel free to contact us at sales@octatco.com, if you have questions. 

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