TitleHow to install EzFinger2+ driver?2021-08-26 15:34:34
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When EzFinger2+ driver doesn’t get installed automatically, you can refer to the following manual. First, please download the driver from    here and   unzip it.

1. Open Device Manager from Windows search box.


2. Right Click on ‘EzFinger2’ and choose Update Driver from drop-down menu.


3. Click on ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.


4. Locate and choose the decompressed file for the driver software which you downloaded from our website. Click ‘Next’.


After the driver is installed, type 'fingerprint' in your Windows Searchbar, and go to Sign-in Option to register your fingerprint on Windows Hello.

Feel free to ask questions from us at sales@octatco.com

Thanks a lot!  

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